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In 1983 set up Jinbaoma furniture company
In 1992 set up the Sino-foreign joint venture of Jinbaoma furniture company
In 1994 a large number of products exported to Japan and other countries
In 1995 with the help of Japan's well-known furniture enterprises ,set up an Japanese style mattress production line

In 1996 get the "independent spring mattress bag" national patent (national patent number: 96237801)

In 1998 registered Johnson Materials Co., Ltd.

In 1999 start to export American style furniture

In 2000 pass the authorization and the audit of ISO9001 Quality System
In 2001 recommend the automatic spring production line
In 2002 recommend the Environmental non-woven production line
In 2003 set up the vacuous environmental foam production line , the four ministries and commissions of the state gives the cite
In 2003 set up the Sino-foreign joint venture of Jinxingma furniture company
In 2003 won the Japan NITORI Excellence Award
In 2004 won the Japanese NITORI quality control rate of non-performing rate
In 2005 set up the establishment of material testing room
In 2006 registered the establishment of environmental protection and clean paint production line
In 2006 registered to EON Technology company Limited
In 2006 create a global furniture R & D to create a production base
In 2008 won the Japanese NITORI excellent supplier of silver
In 2008 four national ministries were awarded the "sponge environmental protection" patented technology
In 2009 joined the Chinese Furniture Association, a member of the Furniture Association
In 2009 won the "Eagle Plan" key support enterprises
In 2009 through the Chinese environmental environmental protection 10 ring certification
In 2010 passed the ISO 9001 Quality Management System Certification
In 2010 passed the OHSAS18001 occupational health management system certification
Elway ISO14001 environmental management system certification in 2010
In 2011 passed the products tested by the European environmental standards in line with antibiotics
In 2011 set up the 15,000 square Asia International Materials City to be home marketing center was established
In 2011 the United States New Portland Southerland R & D to create a procurement base in China
In 2011, Global Sources was awarded the title of "Quality Supplier" by Asian Company
In 2012 the establishment of the Interior Design Master League Salon activities base
In 2013 with the Foshan University Academy of Sciences to establish "production, learning, research" production base
In 2013 settled in Foshan International Home Expo City, to achieve Direct chain
In 2014 the United States CERTIPUR-US environmental sponge authoritative certification
In 2015 EON HOME strong presence in the commercial distribution center Wanda Plaza
In 2016 to the EON HOME in the industry take the lead in the full implementation of the "fragmentization of marketing mode of one belt, one road"