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Mission: to provide consumers with real "quality, health, low price" of sleep products for consumers around the world.

Vision: To EON HOME become the most respected world-class bedding brand.


E - Environmental (green, environmental protection, pollution - free)

Green symbol of environmental protection, the human body pollution-free, should be uphold the EON HOME responsible attitude to consumers, the quality of the products have stringent requirements, the pilot bed linen industry based on long-term development.

O - optimized (best, best quality)

To the EON people after years of exploration, precipitation of a large number of technologies, has focused on product development, product quality has strict checks on the technical excellence, grasp every detail of the product, so that the overall effect of the product more beautiful, more upscale.

N - noble (noble, great)

EON HOME as a pioneer in the industry, in the development of the industry has always been to let the human can sleep better noble mission, and constantly challenge the limits of quality and price.