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Three major production bases

(1) raw material production base: spring, sponge, non-woven bedding and other raw materials independent research and development production, which can effectively reduce product costs and ensure the quality of raw materials.

(2) mattress production base: mattress annual production capacity of 4 million.

(3) a complete range of furniture R & D and manufacturing center.

Global sourcing

EON HOME has the best and the most stabilization suppliers all around the world ,we would like to cooperate with the responsible, sustainable development supply chain to keep the raw material green initiative and stay the quality in grade. To lower the cost by bulk buying.

German-level control

The products of EON HOME has been exported to more than 40 developed countries and regions, On the quality control, it has the world's most strict standards. The sponge which is used in the EON HOME’s products has passed the experimental tests of German, and also got the international CertiPUR-US authentication by USA.

EON HOME has been introducing world-class advanced equipment for more than 20 years ago. With 33 years of sedimentation, we have trained a large number of outstanding technicians. We are impeccable in the field of automatic equipment or artificial technology to better ensure the high rate use of raw materials, less loss and stable quality.

Scientific Operations Management

(1) enterprises into a comprehensive DRP, ERP management system to ensure seamless connection from the production to the customer service;

(2) EON has formed a series of standards for the terminal management, and through market testing and effective measurements, we realized the influences of the brand and the sales got improved consistently;

(3) Constantly absorb talents in all kinds of circles, and introduce partnership and joint-stock cooperative modes to ensure that enterprises can develop fast and stably.

15 days speed installation

To solve the high price and the long-term fitment, we make the material and the prop modularization and standardization, and enlarge the purchase channel, to lower the cost of the fitment, and to short the term of fitment. Then we can make our shop do their business faster than other’s.