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Product Positioning
EON HOME is making efforts to build one-stop home services to meet the 18-35-year-old petty bourgeoisie, white-collar and other middle class mainstream consumer groups to achieve personalized, high-grade real demand.
product design
We have a professional product development team, integrate domestic and foreign high-quality elements of life and launch a series of products. Each product is the crystallization of the wisdom of the top international designers, We have conceived and planned the names, stories and designation of the products, making each of them in possess of a unique design perspective and aesthetic value.
Manufacturing advantages
We introduced advanced German-level quality control technology, and also trained a large number of outstanding technology personnel. We also do our best in the automatic equipment or artificial technology. In the meantime, we also ensured the high rate of raw materials, less loss rate and guaranteed the quality stability of products with strict quality control system!
Production advantages
EON has more than 40 million square feet of modern standard industrial park, has been industrial champion for 16 years, served more than 50 million families, exported 3.5 million mattresses with 300 thousand of mattresses exportation every month, 10 thousand flowing in the warehouses every day, 405 produced every hour and 6 packed every minute.
Marketing strategy
EON HOME with a full range of multimedia ads coupled with a strong marketing support policies for the overall marketing and brand promotion escort, a strong marketing service system, to help strong home EON brand development;
Market outlook
33 years of precipitation, the EON HOME to cast a world-class vision and standards; through the integration of resources, the concept of introduction of standardized system so that the EON HOME in the product display and terminal models can accurately meet the market demand;
15 days speed installation
EON HOME To solve the terminal store decoration costs, renovation cycle of long trouble, all of the materials, sales of materials, props to the standard modular, standardized, and a large number of purchases, reduce procurement costs for the terminal store decoration Reduce costs, and shorten the renovation cycle, faster than the normal store earlier put into operation.
Global Sourcing
EON HOME We have high-quality and stable suppliers from all over the world. We are more willing to choose a socially responsible and pay attention to the sustainable supply chain cooperation. We will reduce the procurement by reducing the amount of raw materials through green means. cost.
Five-star service
EON HOME using a unique product model and sales model, providing 7 days speed delivery, 90 days no reason to return, the integration of nanny-style "five-class" service throughout the follow-up, "heart, rest assured, Really, "the 400 customer service 7 × 24 hours a day and thoughtful service good every customer.