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Recruitment information

1, manager / store more than 25-35 store manager of more than Wanda Plaza
1) Good business etiquette, communication skills, negotiation skills, sales skills.
2) Good at store management and training, can improve sales skills and sales performance.
3) the courage to break through the self, challenge themselves, a high degree of passion and enthusiasm.
2, shopping guide more than 20-30 high school students more than Wanda Plaza
1) the image of good temperament, character live wave bright, like to communicate with people.
2) have a certain sales skills and negotiation skills.
3) Have the passion and enthusiasm, dare to accept the challenge.
4) Welcome to join the outstanding graduates!
3, more than sales manager is not limited to 20-40 college in Shunde Longjiang
1) have home, building materials industry investment promotion work experience.
2) has a certain channel resources and customer resources.
3) familiar with the direct sales stores, franchise mode of operation.
4, more than training and supervision of 20-40 college or above Shunde Longjiang
1) Experience in store management.
2) Familiar with the training process, can independently develop training courses.
3) can assist the store to carry out activities to promote and enhance performance.
interior design/
5, construction supervision 2 25-35 not limited to junior college in Shunde Longjiang
1) Skilled use of CAD, 3DMAX and other professional design software.
2) the store brand direct store design has a profound understanding.
3) Familiar with store decoration materials and construction supervision.
4) can independently complete the construction plans and renderings.
6, a graphic design 25-35 not limited to tertiary college in Shunde Longjiang
1) responsible for daily publicity, planning design, the company exhibition layout;
2) advertising graphic design, production and other graphic processing; corporate promotional materials design, production and innovation.
3) The use of other design documents, modification, digital photo processing, promotional activities with the company's marketing activities.